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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Hunter OER Repository

CSci 127 Introduction to Computer Science

Hunter Computer Science | CSci 127 Introduction to Computer Science

Created by Katherine St. John, CSci 127 Introduction to Computer Science "presents an overview of computer science (CS) with an emphasis on problem-solving and computational thinking through 'coding': computer programming for beginners. Other topics include: organization of hardware, software, and how information is structured on contemporary computing devices."

The CSci 127 OER courseware includes:

  • Programming Assignments
  • Tutorials covering various topics, including Python, C++, Logical Circuits, and Machine Language
  • Open Source Programming Texts
  • Lecture Notes
  • Programming Exercises
CSci 335 Software Design and Analysis II

Hunter Computer Science | CSci 335 Software Design and Analysis II

Created by Professor Stewart Weiss, the CSci 335 Software Design and Analysis II OER courseware includes:

  • Lecture Notes
  • Tutorials covering various coding languages, including C/ C++, Linux, and Perl Scripts
  • Open Source Software Resources
  • Course Readings
Hunter Film & Media Studies | News Literacy

Hunter College | CS0 News Literacy

Created by Hunter faculty member
Sissel W. McCarthy, Distinguished Lecturer and Director of the Journalism Program

"The digital age has created the need for a new kind of literacy-a literacy that empowers news consumers to determine whether information is credible, reliable and truthful. This is not just a skill; it is a new core competency for the 21st century. So-called “fake news” is hard to spot and spreads easily, leading to disagreements over basic facts. The antidote to the growing challenges posed by this digital revolution is news literacy. This mini news literacy course includes two three-hour sessions that will teach anyone to become a more critical consumer of news. "

To download the CS0: News Literacy course materials simply follow the links below.

Hunter College | MATH 101

Hunter College | MATH 101 Algebra for College Students

From the About Page:

"This is a custom designed OER course for Hunter College’s Math 101 – Algebra for College Students – course, remixed by Dr. Tatyana Khodorovskiy, from Lumen’s OER materials.

This course presents topics including solving and graphing linear equations, inequalities, systems of linear equations, functions, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions and equations, radical expressions and equations, quadratic functions and graphing parabolas, composite and inverse functions, exponentials and logarithms, graphing techniques, and applications. This OER text is interactive, aligned with OER videos, and complete assessments, this title is a great low-cost alternative to traditional publisher materials."

The MATH 101 Algebra for College Students Courseware includes:

  • Online Homework Management System (OHM) | [A $25 pre student fee is required for platform support]
  • Instructional Videos and Module/Chapter Summaries
  • Instructor Resources
Sociology 101

Hunter College | SOCIOLOGY 101

Created by Professor Jessie Daniels, the Sociology 101 OER course site "is a place for OER materials for Sociology 101 ("Introduction to Sociology") course for the college classroom. Jessie Daniels (Professor, Sociology, Hunter College) created the site for anyone teaching a beginning sociology course.

You can download, reuse, remix any of the materials here for teaching your own SOC101 class. In the short term, our goal is for ALL Sociology 101 courses taught at Hunter College in the spring 2018 will be 'zero cost' to students for books or other materials. You should make use of these materials toward that end.

Over the longer term, if you have your own OER (or zero cost) materials you would like to share with other sociology instructors at Hunter College and beyond, please add them to this site! This site is a wiki, which simply means that anyone can edit it, but you will need to create a login for the site. "

ACERT | Academic Center For Excellence in Research and Teaching



Helping faculty innovate in pedagogy, technology, and assessment

"ACERT seeks to promote excellence in teaching and research at Hunter. In collaboration with key offices, the Center integrates existing faculty development activities with new workshops and seminars based on input from faculty and Hunter’s academic community. These seminars allow participants to share and discuss high-impact practices that faculty can incorporate into their teaching and research. The Center fosters a community in which faculty use innovative pedagogy, technology, and assessment to enhance their activities as teachers and scholars, and thus to facilitate engaged learning. ACERT is a collaboration of Academic Affairs, Instructional Computing & Information Technology (ICIT), and the Office of Assessment."

ACERT offers a variety of opportunities for Hunter faculty to develop their OER pedagogy, including:

  • Day of Digital Pedagogy - Though a past offering, the Day of Digital Pedagogy page contains information for those beginning to move toward a more digitally inclusive course structure.
  • Lunchtime Seminars - Held every Tuesday and Thursday, 12-2pm in room 1203 Hunter East, these seminars vary in content, and often touch upon OER, digital pedagogy, and the Hunter Zero Cost Textbook Initiative.
  • Guided Explorations - These workshops concentrate on various topics in digital pedagogy, ePortfolio use, digital tools, digital textbooks, video lectures, and OER interactive modules. Presented by a Hunter faculty member in conjunction with an educational technologist, many Guided Explorations result in a finished module or heuristic ready for implementation in an upcoming course.

Check ACERT's Upcoming Events for a comprehensive list of program offerings.

Technology Teaching & Learning Group

Technology Teaching and Learning Group

From the Technology and Teaching Learning Group:

"ICIT’s Technology Teaching and Learning Group (TTLG) seeks to enrich the educational experience of students at Hunter College by encouraging the thoughtful integration of technology into the curriculum. Our team of educational technologists is available to guide, support, and collaborate with faculty, helping them incorporate technology in effective and innovative ways. We work with professors designing, implementing and evaluating hybrid and online courses. We also offer workshops and write technology-related blog posts. In addition, through programs like Faculty Innovations in Teaching with Technology (FITT) and ACERT Lunchtime Seminars, we create opportunities for faculty to share ideas, form networks and communities, and learn from one another."

The Technology Teaching & Learning Group provides various opportunities for faculty to enhance their pedagogical techniques through the use of educational technologies, including:

For more information about partnering with a Hunter educational technologist contact the Technology Teaching & Learning Group