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Hunter Film & Media Studies | News Literacy

Hunter College | CS0 News Literacy

Created by Hunter faculty member
Sissel W. McCarthy, Distinguished Lecturer and Director of the Journalism Program

"The digital age has created the need for a new kind of literacy-a literacy that empowers news consumers to determine whether information is credible, reliable and truthful. This is not just a skill; it is a new core competency for the 21st century. So-called “fake news” is hard to spot and spreads easily, leading to disagreements over basic facts. The antidote to the growing challenges posed by this digital revolution is news literacy. This mini news literacy course includes two three-hour sessions that will teach anyone to become a more critical consumer of news. "

To download the CS0: News Literacy course materials simply follow the links below.


Journalism, Fake News, and Disinformation

Journalism, Fake News, & Disinformation

From the About Page:
"This new publication by UNESCO is a timely resource and highly topical subject for all those who practice or teach journalism in this Digital Age. UNESCO's new handbook is an essential addition to teaching syllabi for all journalism educators, as well as practising journalists and editors who are interested in information, how we share it and how we use it. Written by experts in the fight against disinformation, this handbook explores the very nature of journalism - with modules on why trust matters; thinking critically about how digital technology and social platforms are conduits of the information disorder; fighting back against disinformation and misinformation through media and information literacy; fact-checking 101; social media verification and combating online abuse. The seven individual modules are available online to download that enables readers to develop their own course relevant to their media environment."

Individual Modules



Stanford University | Civic Online Reasoning

Stanford University | Civic Online Reasoning

"The Stanford University Civic Online Reasoning (COR) curriculum provides free lessons and assessments that help you teach students to evaluate online information that affects them, their communities, and the world."