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Abbreviations of Journals, Standard Reference Works, and Corpora

Abbreviations of Ancient Authors and Their Works

  • Classical
    • Liddell, Scott, Jones, eds., Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ) PA445.E5L824
    • Oxford Latin Dictionary PA2365.E5095
    • Lewis and Short, eds., Latin Dictionary PA2365.E5A71 RR4Cla
    • H. Cancik and H. Schneider, eds., Der Neue Pauly DE5.N48 1999
    • S. Hornblower and A. Spawforth, eds., The Oxford Classical Dictionary (OCD), 3rd ed. DE5.O90 2003
  • Byzantine
    • A. P. Kazhdan, ed., The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium DF521.O930 1991
    • Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität. Verzeichnis der Abkürzungen PA1125.L494 2001
  • Patristic
    • Lampe, ed. Patristic Greek Lexicon PA881.P3 RR4Cla
    • Dekkers, Clavis Patrum Latinorum BR60.D45 1995 RR4Cla
    • Geerard, Clavis Patrum Graecorum BR67.G29
    • H. J. Frede, ed., Kirchenschriftsteller: Verzeichnis und Sigel. Vetus Latina BS71 1949 v. 1pt.1

Abbreviations in Manuscripts