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Geography and Environmental Sciences

This guide has good resources concerning geography and environmental sciences

Maps & Cartography

  • Bouncy Maps - Cartograms allowing the user to transform world maps to show how large countries would be if a criteria other than area were the key.
  • David Rumsey Historical Maps Collection - over 100,000 maps and related images browseable online, including rare 16th through 21st century maps of the countries, continents, and the world. 
  • Map History - Online history of maps and cartography from the former Maps Librarian of the British Library in London.
  • Map Projections -  A gallery of black and white pdf printable map projections sorted by type.
  • U.S. Color Landform Atlas - Images of US states: shaded relief, false-color satellite view, and maps from an 1895 atlas.
  • Earth and Moon Viewer - Switzerland's Fourmilab presents views of the Earth, Moon, and Solar System. 
  • United Nations Cartographic Section - A collection of general and mission-specific maps from the UN.
  • USGS on Map Projections - Informational pamphlet about map projections from the USGS.
  • GeoData - University of Texas searchable/browseable repository of geospatial data and maps.
  • Perry-Castañeda Legacy Maps Collection - Browseable collection of online maps from University of Texas repository's legacy site.
  • The National Map - USGS "Topographic Information for the Nation" project, including topographic maps and GIS data for elevation, hydrography, watersheds, geographic names, orthoimagery, governmental units/boundaries, transportation, and land cover.

Real-Time Traffic Maps

  • Iteris - Real-time traffic maps for various locations in the US.
  • Sigalert - Traffic maps in the US by coordinates. 
  • Washington State DOT - Traffic maps and cameras by city/region for the state of Washington.
  • Sytadin - French traffic maps for Paris and the surrounding area.