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Geography and Environmental Sciences

This guide has good resources concerning geography and environmental sciences


You can expand your search to seeing what is in "all CUNY" libraries, yet the example below shows when you just search for a print book that is on the shelves at Hunter's libraries. Also note this example shows a book that is at the Silberman campus, on E 119 and Third Avenue. 

As long as it's a "regular loan" book that is in the "stacks" (the shelves), you can request a print book from another CUNY library. 

Note the call number (the location of the book) and look up where the first letter (H, in this case) corresponds to the floor maps in the library. Be sure the location corresponds with the branch library (Cooperman; Silberman; Zabar Art Library; Health Professions Library). 

For info about other CUNY libraries, go here.


You can limit your search to both full e-books as well as e-book chapters.  The following example is just searching e-books at Hunter but you can also try expanding your search to all of CUNY. Note that Hunter students do not necessarily have access to all e-books available at other CUNY libraries.

Locating Print Books or Browsing the Library's Geography and Environmental Science Collection

When you find a book you want, be sure to note the call number, which will tell you where the book is located on the shelf.

If you want to browse the collection, Geography and Environmental Sciences books in the library are located on B1:

You can browse by topic using the following call numbers:


QC851-999               Meterorology and Climatology
QC878.5-882            Atmospheric chemistry and pollutants
QC901--914              Temperature and radiation
QC915-926.4            Clouds, rain, snow
QC926.5-926.59      Acid rain
QC926.6-929.1        Fog and hail
QC929.2-930.4        Droughts
QC930.5-960.4        Wind, tornadoes storms
QH540-549.5           Ecology
QK1-474.5                Botany, geo distribution

GE1-350                   Environmental Sciences
GE70-90                   Environmental Education
GE195-199              Environmentalism
GE300-350              Environmental Management
GF1-900                   Human Ecology
GF51                         Environmental influences on environment
GF101-127              Settlements
GF125                      Cities, Urban geography
GF127                      Rural Settlements
GF500-900              By region or country