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Information Guides for Silberman School of Social Work

City University of New York, Hunter College, Hunter College Libraries

"How to" Screencasts and Tutorials most relevant for All Courses

Choosing a topic as part of the research process (3 min)


Introduction to searching a database (5 min)

  • Related link
  • What you will learn
    • Why entering keywords instead of phrases can be important
    • Purpose of search terms that appear when you begin typing a search
    • Where to limit to peer reviewed results
    • What features are available in a result record (full text links if available, citation information, abstract)
    • How to save a result
    • Where to find the "cite" shortcut


Introduction to Keywords versus Natural Language (3 min)


How to find full text (5 min)

  • What you will learn
    • Why the database you first search may not have full text of all the results
    • How to check if the Library subscribes to full text through another vendor using the "FindIt@CUNY" button
    • How to use interlibrary loan if the Hunter Library does not have full text
    • How to search for full text of dissertations
    • If you have a disability that affects using the Internet, you may email Adina Mulliken references for assistance retrieving full text


Databases for Social Work Research Articles (9 min)

  • Related info
    • Full text is available through all these database, even when the database name includes "Abstracts"
  • What you will learn
    • How to get to List of Databases for Social Work Research Articles from Hunter Library homepage.  Skip to second 1:38 to skip this.
    • Three databases recommended most often for clinical and macro or policy topics
    • Difference between vendor and database
    • Which general subjects have additional useful databases 
    • Why searching multiple databases is necessary for a thorough search

Introduction to Subject Headings

  • What you will learn
    • What are subject headings and how can they help you get search results that are more relevant to your topic
    • How to use drop down menus next to search boxes to search with subject headings
  • Error in video
    • There's a mistake in this video at second 2:02.  I said "I'm interested in making my topic a little more specific."  I meant to say, "I'm interested in making my search a little more specific."  I was searching for the same topic but changing the search to make the results more specific.