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Geography and Environmental Sciences


Additionally, the following web sites provide online access to such reference maps.

Blank & Outline Maps
Links compiled for pointing to sites with copyright free or free-for-non-commercial-use online maps.
County Outline Maps (U.S. Census Bureau)
County outlines by state, for 1990 and 2000, in Adobe Acrobat format. Other printable maps (e.g., OMB-defined metro areas) available from the Census Bureau Map Products page.
National Geographic Xpeditions Atlas
Can display and print black & white printable maps from your web browser in GIF or Adobe Acrobat format.
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
They have scanned many of the page-sized CIA reference maps.


Show®USA Makes schematic maps (cartograms) that give various states prominence based on thematic characteristics rather than geography or physical size

Show®World  Makes schematic maps (cartograms) that give various countries prominence based on thematic characteristics rather than geography or physical size

Oddens' bookmarks
Book marks - links about maps and mapping on the internet - updated by Odden, a map curator of Utrecht University.

USGS Map Projection poster
This site gives the key properties, characteristics, and preferred uses of important projections and of those frequently used by mapmakers today.

A Gallery of Map Projections by Paul Anderson
A collection of map projection images and links to useful websites. 

Decision Support System for Map Projections of Small Scale Data
A cool interactive tool for selecting an optimum map projection considering various factors.

A public forum for cartography and design.

History of Cartography
Tutorials in the history of cartography.

Map History/History of Cartography
Use this site to find information about old maps. Its collection of links to online maps is just amazing - check Images of early maps.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Geospatial Conversion Tools from the Bureau of Econonomic Geography.  Convert length, area, DegMinSec, Scale, Radians, and Time to GPS Seconds.