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General guide for all Psychology classes; geared towards students in Psych 250

Google search tips

You can locate quality resources through Google. Here are some ways to help narrow your search.  

Topic: Simple Reaction Time, Choice Reaction Time, response time

Try any of the following search strings: 

  • (simple or choice) "reaction time"
  • "simple choice" (response or reaction) time
  • (simple or choice) "reaction time" 
  • "professional attire" "business casual" psychology



Try searching the following search strings on the web:

  • simple choice (response or reaction) time
  • (simple or choice) "reaction time"
    • This leads you to Wikipedia page on Mental chronometry.  REMEMBER the key with using Wikipedia is you want to review the REFERENCES at the bottom of the page for links out to quality sources.
      • You then search Hunter's catalog and databases to see if we have any of the articles, books, or documents listed.
      • Remember: you are not citing the Wikipedia page!
      • Think of Wikipedia as a POTENTIAL doorway to reliable sources (i.e., books, non profit websites, peer reviewed articles).
    • Also review the See Also list for similar topics
    • Same for the Further Reading (often books - see if we have them at Hunter through our Library catalog!)
    • Check out the External Links for websites