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Psychology (All Sections)

General guide for all Psychology classes; geared towards students in Psych 250

APA 6th edition

***NOTE: Updated APA 7th edition takes effect October 2019. You can certainly use the APA's Style Page for assistance:

Even if you use the citation tool within a website, e journal, or Google Scholar, you MUST double check your work through a credible source such as Excelsior OWL. You can't rely on the citation generator of Google Scholar, etc to have all of the details correct and in order.  

APA's Style Blog is also a good tool.

Zotero is a free, open-source citation tool that you can use after you graduate! They tend to provide good user-support through the Zotero community. Lots of how-to videos via YouTube. Their quick citation generator is a new tool, in addition to the full (free) software available to download. or for more info go here