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Library Day

An annual celebration of research, scholarship, and the work of library faculty, staff, and students.

Winners of the Hunter College Libraries Research Paper Competition

100-Level Undergraduate Winners

1st Place:
Hebe Shi, How can feminist pedagogy help university rape victims compared to trigger warnings?, submitted by Professor W. Hayden

2nd Place:
Sophie Hertzberg, Created for Man: The Social Construct of Virginity, submitted by Professor E. Ilyas


Upper-Level Undergraduate Winners

1st Place:
Rongjie Zhu, Chinese immigration to Brazil from the 1810s to the presentsubmitted by Professor R. Belsky

2nd Place: 
Paul Zurheide, The Origins of the Pledge of Allegiance, submitted by Professor D. Haverty-Stacke


Graduate-level Winners

1st Place: 
Marisha Kashyap, Home Sweet Home? Examining Residential Instability and Preschoolers’ Early Mathematics Development, submitted by Professor R. Flores

2nd Place: 
Natalie Ruby, Incoherence: A Model for Feminine Resistance in Measure for Measure?, submitted by Professor C. Alfar

Professional Development: Celebrating Growth

Collaborated with SW faculty on:
Gelman, C. R., Gandel, J., and Bausman, M. (2022). A multi-faceted, adjunct-centered initiative to support part-time faculty.  Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 43(3).
Johnson, S.C., Bausman, M., Ward, S.L. (2021).  Fostering Information Literacy: A call for collaboration between academic librarians and MSW instructors.  Advances in Social Work, 21(1).
Selected through a competitive process to attend the Evidence Synthesis Institute, a 4-day training event funded by Institute for Museum and Library Services and jointly coordinated by the University of Minnesota, Cornell University, and Carnegie-Mellon University in March 2022.
Attended the National Social Work Librarians’ Special Interest Group Meeting and Presentations in conjunction with the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting in November 2021 and the Kennesaw State University’s Transforming Libraries for Graduate Students Conference in March 2022.
At the School of Social Work Library:  
Brain Break Initiative 

AJ has been working on a systematic review project  with  a group of researchers from CENTRO, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and Pace University for the last four years. The findings of the project were presented at a remote conference in Sweden.

Taveras Rivera, E., Pagan, L.T., Velez Agosto, N.M., & Pathak, A. (2021, November 1-3). Teachers' Perceptions of Anti-bullying Training [Conference poster presentation]. Presented at Virtual International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA) World Anti-Bullying Forum, Nov. 2021, Stockholm, Sweden

Adina created a collection of "How-To" screencasts and tutorials from the School of Social Work Library


Virtual Library Day 2022


Library day is a time for us to recognize and celebrate the work of the people in our libraries; the people who work to make library resources available and discoverable, the people who work to make the libraries clean and safe, the people who teach about library resources and research methods, and the people who engage our libraries to learn about our resources and use them to produce new works of creativity and knowledge. 

Robert Cowan's keynote remarks speak to a hopeful emergence from dark times that we may all relate to in this moment. They also blend imagination and research in a way that we love. We hope you will enjoy his tribute to libraries during National Poetry Month.

A Celebration of Faculty Teaching

Librarians' Engagement with Students: Ask a Librarian

Hunter College librarians participate in a network that provides access to 24/7 chat sessions with librarians around the world. The video below shows feedback shared by online visitors after chatting with our librarians.

Celebrating Each Other

Margaret Bausman, Head, Social Work & Urban Public Health Library

  • Individual Shout-Outs:  Ann Thompson, Isabel Taylor, Adina Mulliken, Stephanie Margolin, Andrea Rudner, Silberman College and Student Assistants, Wendy Tan, Iris Gomez, Interim Chief John Pell, Clay Williams, Dean Mary Cavanaugh, Andrew Silver, Gus Pita, Eduardo Cajigas, and Silberman Facilities Team
  • When Hurricane Ida unleashed her torrent in September, the east wall of the Social Work & Urban Public Health’s Library sustained serious damage and flooded our stacks.  While no books were lost, Silberman facilities boxed and moved approximately 1/4 of our collection so that 4-5 rows of shelving could be removed, the back wall opened up for repair, and the carpets replaced.  Wendy Tan and Iris Gomez worked assiduously with the Office of Library Services to suppress the Alma records of the then temporarily unavailable books.  Everyone pitched in to help student locate alternative materials.  And finally, our College and Student Assistants are beginning the monumental task of re-shelving our books under Ann Thompson’s leadership.  Great team work – well done everyone!!


A.J. Pathak, Health and Informatics Librarian

  • A.J. would like to express his gratitude to Donna Braithwaite, John Carey, Sarah Johnson, Sarah Ward, Alexandra Gil, Stephanie Margolin, John Pell, Clay Williams, Meg Bausman, Malin Abrahamsson, Wendy Tan, and Milton Quiah for their support and help during the course of Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Semesters. 
  • A.J. also would like to express his gratitude to Health Professions Library staff Henry Guturrez, David Kwok, Nancy Thomas, Maria Vivas, and Aishat Balogun for their assistance and kindness.


John Carey, Head, Health Professions Library

  • John would like to thank the Health Professions Library team mentioned above, as well as the Public Safety and Facilities staff of the Brookdale Campus for their invaluable support and tireless efforts in the reopening of the campus.  John would also like to thank Prof. Elizabeth Capezuti, interim dean of the Hunter School of Nursing, and the rest of the Nursing faculty and staff; Prof. Cristiana Collins and the faculty of Physical Therapy; Prof. Michelle MacRoy-Higgins and the faculty of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology; and Prof. Steven Einheber and the faculty of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program, for their enduring support of the Hunter College Libraries.  Also, a special thanks to Martin Dornbaum and the incredible team in the Health Professions Education Center for their collegiality and crucial support of operations at the Brookdale Campus!