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Library Day

An annual celebration of research, scholarship, and the work of library faculty, staff, and students.

Winners of the 24th Annual Paul LeClerc Competition for Best Research Papers

100-Level Winners

1st Place

Claudia Rzucidlo, "Media's Shark," English 120, Prof. Kristin Moriah

2nd Place

Anthony R. Martinez Benitez, "Realms Collide," English 120, Prof. Kathie Cheng

General Undergraduate Winners

1st Place

Gendered Language and the Erotic God: A Kabbalistic Reading of Finnegan's Wake, Religion 450, Prof. Barbara Sproul

2nd Place

Christina Fuery, "The Active Spirit of Corita Kent: Art and Mission, 1962-1969," Council on Honors 2011Q, Prof. Bernadette McCauley