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Philosophy Podcasts and Videos

* In Our Time (BBC Radio 4). Features 45 minutes discussions with three academic experts

* Meaning of Life TV. More rigorous than the title suggests. High quality discussions of various philosophical topics

* Mindscape. Hosted by theoretical physicist Sean Carroll; often takes up philosophy topics.

* Philosophy Bites. Fifteen to twenty minute interviews with a leading philosophers on a broad range of topics

* Philosophy Talk. Forty-five minute lively, witty discussions with Ken Taylor (Stanford), John Perry (Stanford), and guest. Unfortunately downloads are $1.95 each.

* Science Faction. Monthly discussions, which often take a philosophical turn, between two leading science journalists, John Horgan and George Johnson; ran from 2012 through 2017.

* Science Saturday. Earlier incarnation of Science Faction. Unfortunately, there are no podcasts. You have to stream from the site; ran from 2007 until 2011.