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HONS 3011V-01: CUNY, Slavery, and Justice: Properties of Knowledge

This is a guide on archival research for Prof. Janet Neary's fall 2022 course.

Visiting the Archives

After your class visit to the Hunter College Archives, you may return on your own to look at the same archival documents or other documents. To do so you must make an appointment in advance using the Archives Request Form linked on the Archives page.

Note the Archives hours: Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 4 PM.

Your request form should indicate precisely what materials you would like to see. Use the Archives Finding Aids to identify the documents you need (see below for more details). When requesting materials, indicate a collection name and box & folder numbers.

You may also find the Archives & Special Collections Research Guide helpful.

How to Find Relevant Documents in the Archives

Start your research from our Archives home page. You can get there from the link listed here, or start from the Hunter College Libraries home page, click on "branches" on the top left, and select "Archives & Special Collections."

From the Archives home page, click on Archival Collections/Finding Aids.

From that page you can browse a list of the collections available in our Archives, and use the finding aids to identify individual documents that might be useful for your research. Finding aids include a description of a collection and a list of items in the collection, along with their box and folder numbers. Finding aids do not include digitized documents from the archive.

Once you've identified the material you want to use, you can fill out an Archives Request Form to make an appointment to come see them in the Archives reading room. 

For additional help, email

Tips for Research in the Archives

  • Don't forget the Archives & Special Collections rules: pencils only (no pens), no food or drink allowed, handle documents carefully, etc.
  • Use your phone's camera to capture images of documents to read through later, so that you don't have to make several trips
  • Make note of the box and folder numbers of any documents you use. You will need this information to
    • request to see the document again
    • cite the document in a paper or project
  • See this page of the Archives libguide for directions on how to cite an archival document (scroll down)

Materials Viewed During Your Class Visit

During the class visit on September 22, 2022, groups worked with the following materials:

From the Normal College of the City of New York Collection

  • Box 1, Folder 8: Exams, 1887-1890
  • Box 3, Folder 21: Possible drafts for a brief establishing Normal College, probably after 1866
  • Box 24, Folder 28: "Names of 'Colored' Students at the Normal College," 1873-1880, but compiled later 

From the Selected History of Hunter College Collection

  • Box 1, Folder 20: List of scholarships, fellowships, and awards, 1876-1932

From the Hunter College Publications Collection

  • Box 12, Folder 2: Hunter College Bulletin of Information & Course of Study, 1915-1916
  • Box 49, Folder 7: Negro Professionals in New York City, 1950, 1960

From the Department of Black & Puerto Rican Studies, Renamed Africana & Puerto Rican/Latino Studies Collection

  • Box 1, Folder 2: Affirmative Action Information, 1978-1979

Some students also worked with issues of the Wistarion (the college's yearbook) from various years.