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HONS 3011V-01: CUNY, Slavery, and Justice: Properties of Knowledge

This is a guide on archival research for Prof. Janet Neary's fall 2022 course.

Brief Overview of CUNY History

From the CUNY website

From the City College of New York (CCNY) website: Our History

From the Hunter College Campus Schools website: History 

Books about CUNY & Hunter College

See the list of books on Hunter College history from the Hunter Archives & Special Collections Research Guide.

Use OneSearch on the Hunter College Libraries homepage to find books or articles about the history of CUNY and Hunter.

A few sample searches:


Relevant Library Databases and Online Resources

The resources on this page may help you to find more information about the history of CUNY.

New York Times Historical database

Search issues of the New York Times from 1851-2001 for mentions of CUNY schools.

JSTOR database

JSTOR includes scholarly journals and primary sources dating back to the 19th century. 

Targeted searching with Google

You can use Google's search engine to search through the Hunter College website and digitized archival material.

To search material on Hunter College webpages only, try searching with your keywords plus the following phrase

Or, to search material on Hunter College Library webpages only (including the Archives), try searching your keywords plus the following phrase

For example, here is a sample search for

        "African-American women"

on Hunter's library site. This search led me to an article about African-American women students at Hunter from a 1995 publication of the Hunter College Archives.