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Economics and Accounting

Selection of resources on Economics, Accounting, and Business

U.S. Statistics Portals on the Web

2010 Census Data / American FactFinder. American FactFinder provides access to data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. The data in American FactFinder come from several censuses and surveys.

U.S. Census Bureau Economic Statistics

U.S. Department of Commerce / Bureau of Economic Analysis.  National, International, Regional, Indusry and Integrated

United States Department of Labor / Bureau of Labor Statistics. Demographics, Industries, Occupations, Geography, Business Costs Includes downloadable raw data from the U.S. Government.

Economic Research. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Includes:

FedStats. Links to statistics and statistical agencies from more than 100 statistical agencies.

Federal Reserve Board Statistics. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Infoshare Online brings together dozens of local, State, and National databases describing population, health, and socio-economic conditions. The system allows you to generate this data in tables that can be printed or saved in spreadsheet, text, and dtabase formats.

 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from 1981.

National, International and Regional Economic Data. U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Includes GDP, personal income, fixed assets, and GDP by industry.

Statistics on Banking. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Available online from 1992.

Tax Stats. Internal Revenue Service.

  • Business Tax Statistics.
  • Charitable & Exempt Org. Statistics.
  • Individual Tax Statistics.
  • IRS Operations, Budget & Compliance.
  • Products, Publications & Papers
  • Statistics by Form
  • Statistics of Income (SOI).

Alpha Vantage Stock Market API. Free, open access financial and economic datasets for academic research.

  • Alpha Vantage Stock Market API (Public Access) provides open-web access to U.S. and global financial and economic datasets covering a variety of asset classes such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, foreign exchange rates, and cryptocurrencies. Access via Microsof Excel and/or Google Sheets is also supported.

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