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Human Behavior in the Social Environment: HBSE III 713.50

From the Schools of Social Work & Public Health Library for the Silberman School of Social Work : This guide covers library and research resources for the Human Behavior in the Social Environment course of study.

Descriptive Overview

This three credit advanced course builds upon the foundation level knowledge of the first two semesters in the Human Behavior and the Social Environment sequence.

The conceptual framework for this course is a social work perspective on the continuum from “normal” to “pathological” development and behavior across the life course.  Concepts of mental health and illness are understood as influenced by a confluence of bio-psychosocial factors and environments. Throughout the term, we look at the impact of culture, class, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, ability, and gender upon the process of diagnosis and social work practice interventions.   The development of neuroscience and its effect on our understanding of psychopathology and different types of mental disorders will be discussed.   A special 5-part webinar on psychopharmacology will also be included.   

Theories underpinning the construction and application of psychiatric diagnostic categories and treatment processes are studied and related to social work roles and functions.  Some major changes in our conceptualization of mental health and illness are reflected in the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:  The DSM-V.   The theoretical justification for social work methods of assessment and intervention are presented within the context of professional values including the promotion of social and economic justice. The critical influence of organizational and community resources and of access to services are recognized throughout the course.


Special Libraries, Archives, Museums and Exhibits

Weekly Overview

Session 1:   Overview of Abnormal Development / History of Mental Disorders                            

Session 2:    Neuroscience / Social Justice and Mental Health              

Session 3:    Assessment and Classification / Social and Cultural Considerations in Mental Health

Session 4:    Disorders of Childhood

Session 5:     Schizophrenia

Session 6:     Mood Disorders

Session 7:    Stress and Trauma

Session 8:     Anxiety Disorders

Session 9:      Dissociative and Somatic Disorders

Session 10:    Eating and Elimination Disorders

Session 11:   Sexuality and Gender Dysphoria

Session 12:   Substance and Addictive Disorders

Session 13:    Neurocognitive Disorders

Session 14:     Personality Disorders

Session 15:    Review


The Press