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Human Behavior in the Social Environment: HBSE I - 711

From the Schools of Social Work & Public Health Library for the Silberman School of Social Work : This guide covers library and research resources for the Human Behavior in the Social Environment course of study.

Descriptive Overview

HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT I focuses on the major theoretical paradigms, conceptual frameworks and models that the social work profession utilizes to understand individuals, groups and communities.  In this course a critical perspective is used to stress the importance of including diversity variables and the social, political and economic environment as factors in the bio-psycho-social matrix.

The overall objective of HBSE I is to enhance our ability to make conceptual linkages between multiple explanatory formulations of the person-environment configuration, all while paying specific attention to both social diversity and human development.


Special Libraries, Archives, Museums and Exhibits

Weekly Overview

Class 1: Introduction to HBSE                              

Class 2: Theoretical Perspectives on Human Behavior                                           

Class 3: Biological Influences on Human Development                                             

Class 4: Psychological Aspects of Human Development                                             

Class 5: Environment Influences on Human Development                                               

Class 6: Social Influences on Human Development                                             

Class 7: Groups and Human Behavior                            

Class 8: Families                                             

Class 9: Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth                                             

Class 10: Infancy and Toddlerhood                           

Class 11: Early Childhood                                           

Class 12: Middle Childhood                                           

Class 13: Adolescence

Class 14: Review of Multidimensional View of Human Development and Behavior           

Class 15: Final Exam