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Human Behavior in the Social Environment: HBSE II - 712

From the Schools of Social Work & Public Health Library for the Silberman School of Social Work : This guide covers library and research resources for the Human Behavior in the Social Environment course of study.

Descriptive Overview

HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT II / 712 is the second half of a year long course.  It builds on a foundation of knowledge on “human behavior in the social environment” for social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.  Using a developmental, life-course and social systems framework with a particular focus on diversity, the course emphasizes the social constructions that influence and determine how human growth is perceived.


Museums, Archives and Exhibits

Weekly Overview

Unit 4:  Theories of Development

    Week 15:  Comparative Lifespan Approach

    Week 16:  a)  non-Eurocentric approaches

            (eg African, Asian, SE Indian)

    Week 17:  b)  Eurocentric approaches

         (eg colonial, W. European, post empire)

    Week 18:  Biology & Neuroscience

    Week 19:  Cognitive and moral development


Unit 5:  Euro-American Psychodynamic Psychologies

                Week 20:  Drive Theory

                Week 21:  Ego Psychology

                Week 22:  Object Relations

                Week 23:  Self Psychology


Unit 6:  Themes in Human Experience

                Week 24:  Violence & abuse

                Week 25:  Aging

                Week 26:  Work

                Week 27:  Ability / Disability

                Week 28:  Grief & Loss