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Creative Writing

Primary Source Databases at Hunter College Libraries

For a full list of primary source databases available through Hunter College Libraries, click here. Or navigate to the Hunter College Libraries homepage, click on "Databases," browse by "type," and choose "primary sources"

If these databases don't cover the historical period, geographical region, or topic you're interested in, you will find plenty of other options for finding primary sources freely available online, or at various archives and special collections in New York and beyond. It just takes a little digging to find what you're looking for. Feel free to ask a librarian for suggestions.

Oral History Collections

Oral histories can serve as excellent primary sources for creative writers. One of the largest oral history collections in the country is right here in New York, at Columbia University. See the links below for information on that and other collections in New York and elsewhere.

 Note that the Rutgers University Libraries offer a useful research guide on oral histories.