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History, General Resources

While history courses each have their own unique focus, there are some general principles that apply to almost every history class in terms of research.

CLICS: getting books from other CUNY libraries


CLICS is a service that allows you to request books from almost any of the CUNY libraries to be delivered to any of Hunter College libraries. Currently enrolled Hunter College students as well as faculty and staff can use this service. Loan rules and times are the same across all CUNY campuses.


  • In OneSearch, search for a book. If you do not see it listed as being at Hunter, select All CUNY Libraries in the dropdown menu at the right of the search field. Once you find the book, select Sign in to request it using the barcode on the back of your ID card.

The barcode on the back of ID cards is needed to borrow books from Hunter College or from another CUNY library. ID cards must be activated at a Hunter College Library circulation desk prior to a CLICs request.


* Requests for Hunter materials cannot be paged for later pickup at the same campus where requested.


See the Graduate Center Library's CLICS for more information.