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History, General Resources

While history courses each have their own unique focus, there are some general principles that apply to almost every history class in terms of research.

Using OneSearch

OneSearch is the main platform for looking up library materials. This link will help you decide if you should use OneSearch as opposed to other resources. 


Go to the OneSearch text window in the middle of the Hunter Library page. Let's use the Boolean search example I gave in the Boolean tab:

"James Madison" AND (Sac OR Fox OR  Winnebago) AND ("Lake Michigan" OR Wabash OR Canada)

If you type that into the search window you should see over 2,300 results. If you look at the right hand column you can see that there are all kinds of ways to narrow down your results by "Resource Type," "Topic/Subject," "Date," "Source/Collection", etc.

Go to where it says "Books" under "Resource Type" and pick this book

You will see information about the author (Prucha, Francis Paul), the publisher (University of Nebraska Press, a scholarly publisher) and the year of publication (1984). Go down to where it says Subjects and note that it says 

Indians of North America -- Government relations
Go to the LCSH tab for a further explanation of this.