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Hebrew Language and Literature

This guide provides resources to learn Hebrew and find scholarly information on Hebrew literature.

Hebrew Bible Texts

Aleppo Codex "The oldest and most complete Hebrew Bible."

Early Jewish Writings Texts of the Bible, Apochrypha, and Pseudipigrapha, etc. in translation.

E-sword Bibles  Various downloadable versions.

Resources About the Bible

Anchor Bible Dictionary, 6 vols.  Reference BS 440 .A54 1992

Jewish Bible: A JPS Guide, 2008. (electronic resource)

Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, 4 vols.  Reference BS 440 .I63

Oxford Bible Atlas (electronic resource)  Maps of the lands of the Bible

Strong, James.  The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.
Reference BS 425 .S8 1990

TanakhML Project Online project that provides a fully vocalised and cantillated version of the Hebrew Bible.