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Urban Policy & Planning

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Datasets, Descriptive Statistics, and Demographics

Datasets, Descriptive Statistics, and Demographics - Research guide dealing exclusively with where and how to locate and use different types of data. Start here.

Census and Other Demographic Information

Polling Data

  • Gallup (2007-present) - Gallup data.
  • Gallup Brain - The definitive, searchable database of the thousands of Gallup Polls conducted from 1935 to today. Search questions, results, specific surveys, and associated articles.
  • Polling the Nation - More than 14,000 surveys (1986-present) including data and information related to polling.
  • Roper iPoll - Repository of public opinion data.

Crime, Health, and Other Data

Finding a Census Tract

The census tract is often used in demographic analysis, particularly in the 100-level Urban Studies courses. As a small and relatively permanent unit of data, it can be helpful in understanding the demographics of a particular community or neighborhood, and can also show change in the community or neighborhood over time.

If you need to identify a census tract for a research project, try one of these three methods:

  1. For a census tract in NYC (within the 5 boroughs), use the NYC Dept of Planning Population FactFinder.
  2. For all U.S. addresses (including those in NYC), use FactFinder
    (make sure that you're on the Select Geographies tab, which is a pop-up window).
  3. If  you're more of a visual person (or a map person), use the Social Explorer maps (Explore maps >> United States).
    When you get to the map, use the magnifying glass symbol (for search) and enter your address (no apartment numbers).  It will find you on the map, and then you can mouse over to see census tract.

Find Data