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Systematic Review

A guide to resources for learning about and conducting systematic reviews.

Systematic Review

We live in an age of rapidly growing information, an age in which it has been estimated that experts may need to read over a dozen articles a day to keep up with the annual developments in their fields.  Systematic review has attracted attention as a possible solution to this information explosion- a solution that could both reduce the amount of required reading by summarizing the evidence base for a specific problem and improve the quality of our knowledge by synthesizing evidence from various sources.

Systematic review search methodology is an area of professional interest for librarians and "gold standard" guides to systemic review methods such as the Cochrane Collaborative and the Institute of Medicine have published guidelines and recommendations that include involving a librarian in the planning and documentation of the search strategy for a systematic review.

You can use this guide to learn more about what is involved in the process of planning, conducting, and reporting on a systematic review. In addition to this introductory page, this guide provides an overview of important resources that relate to systematic review methodology through four sections: