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Film & Media


Citations are a vital part of the research process. They allow the reader to locate sources used as part of your research, lend credibility to your argumentation, and demonstrate your ability to participate in a scholarly dialogue. Proper citations also give credit to the original authors of the sources or ideas you are using. Without these citations, it is impossible to avoid plagiarism.

The disciplines of Film and Media use either Chicago Style or MLA (Modern Language Association) Style. To be sure you are using the correct style, check with your professor.

Chicago Style

Resources for Learning about Chicago Style

Quick Guides for Formatting Citations Using Chicago Style

MLA 8th Edition

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style, 8th Edition

Resources for Learning about MLA

  • MLA Style Center - Writing resources from the Modern Language Association.
  • MLA Tutorial - Interactive video walkthrough of MLA formatting, created by Hunter's Rockowitz Writing Center.
  • MLA Handout - Comprehensive worksheet created by Hunter's Rockowitz Writing Center.
  • University of Texas Writing Center Handouts - A large and useful repository of handouts covering everything from MLA formatting to proper use of Oxford commas.
  • MLA Style Blog - Information and answers for unusual formats and citation questions.
  • MLA Tutorials - Purdue OWL tutorials on MLA style.

Quick Guides for Formatting Citations Using MLA