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ENGL 120: Expository Writing

Guide for all 120 sections

Library Instruction

Each section of ENGL 120 is assigned a librarian. Instructor-librarian pairings will be communicated to you by the ENGL 120 program coordinators. Please consult directly with your assigned librarian about library instruction for your course.

Library instruction sessions can cover topics like research question and topic development, preliminary research, evaluating sources, and database and web searching. These sessions are most effective at the point of need; i.e., when the content of the session matches a current assignment in your course.

Research Toolkit

Professors Wendy Hayden (English) and Stephanie Margolin (Libraries) have created the Research Toolkit, which you may want to integrate into your syllabus as part of the research paper scaffolding.

Library Materials for Your Course

  • If you'd like to put library materials on reserve for your course, or if you'd like to request that the library purchase materials for your course, please follow the instructions on the Course Reserves faculty guide

  • If you’d like the library to provide access to a streaming video, please contact librarian Jennifer Newman to make sure we can get it before including the video in your syllabus. Many films are not available to libraries; this includes anything exclusive to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Disney+, etc., which sell only to individual subscribers, not institutions. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to get it. 

  • Many documentaries and commercial films are available through the Kanopy Streaming platform, which you can find on our library database list. Log in with your Hunter NetID. We don’t have access to all videos on Kanopy: we license each one individually. If you’d like to assign a video from Kanopy in your course, fill out the request form for that video in the Kanopy system. Be sure to use your Hunter email address. Note that the Hunter College Libraries only purchase films requested by faculty for use in a course.