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Nursing 704: Healthcare Systems and Policy

This research guide presents resources and links for students of Nursing 704: Heatlhcare Systems and Policy at the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing.

Datasets, Descriptive Statistics, and Demographics

Datasets, Descriptive Statistics, and Demographics - Research guide dealing exclusively with where and how to locate and use different types of data. Start here.

Census and Other Demographic Information

Polling Data

  • Gallup (2007-present) - Gallup data.
  • Gallup Brain - The definitive, searchable database of the thousands of Gallup Polls conducted from 1935 to today. Search questions, results, specific surveys, and associated articles.
  • Polling the Nation - More than 14,000 surveys (1986-present) including data and information related to polling.
  • Roper iPoll - Repository of public opinion data.

Crime, Health, and Other Data