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Aging: Courses

This guide supports the curriculum for the field of practice specialization of Aging at The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

Courses (From FOP Handbook)

Courses that may be taken to support this specialization (pending availability):
SSW 702.13 Women and Social Welfare Policy
SSW 702.16 Social Work with the Homeless: Implications for Policy and Practice
SSW 702.17 Social Welfare Policy in the Field of Aging
SSW 713 HBSE III (Adults and Older Adults)
SSW 724 Social Casework IV: Family Treatment; Brief Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral
SSW 735 Group Work for Non-Majors (Project must be in Gerontology)
SSW 770 Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Social Work Practice
SSW 797.72 Field of Practice Platform Course
SSW 791.57 Social Work with Victims of Violence against Women
SSW 791.76 Social Services to the Gay & Lesbian Community
SSW 791.89 Perspectives on the Aging Process: Implication for Social Work Practice
SSW 794 Social Work Practice: Family Treatment
SSW 796.60 Clinical Issues in Social Work Practice with the Aged
SSW 797.01 Clinical Social Work Practice in Health Settings
SSW 791.58 Human Sexuality
SSW 702.18 Seminar in Social Welfare Section 1: Changing the Parameters of the
Possible: Bringing Human Rights into Social Welfare Policy
SSW 702.22 International Social Welfare Policy and Services