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Aging: Description & Internships

This guide supports the curriculum for the field of practice specialization of Aging at The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

Field of Practice Specializations Handbook

Description from FOP Handbook (Excerpt)

"The Aging Field of Practice (Gerontology) addresses the aging process from a life course perspective. This specialization explores the aging process and the variety of issues affecting older adults and their family systems. Course selections provide content with a focus on issues such as health and mental health; social service delivery in clinical and community-based settings; assessment of risk and protective factors associated with healthy aging; assessment, intervention, and evaluation of specialized services for older adults and their family systems; caregiving; long-term care policy; and the implications of the growing demographic of the aging society.Range of Clientele: Anyone who is an older adult, those who might be dependent on an older adult,or those who provide care or support to an older adult."

Internships (from FOP Handbook)

"Field placements will provide strong practice opportunities across the various methods of casework,
group work, community organization, and administration. Placements vary from those which
provide a range of services for a variety of client needs to placements that are more specialized in
their focus on the aging population. Students complete their field instruction in approved field
settings that specialize in working with the issues related to aging. Environments may include public
agencies that specialize in working with individuals, families, and groups; community-based centers
(i.e., senior centers, adult day care, etc.); agencies that are privately and/or publicly funded;
agencies that combine direct service with policy work; preventive and protective services programs;
health/mental health (medical/psychiatric) centers; and hospice settings and housing court. Field
practicum settings have a primary orientation towards providing services to older adults, with some
agencies that provide services for immigrants or refugees and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans