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EDPS ProSeminar

Created for the ProSeminar class.


This guide is intended as an online companion to supplement our live meeting for EDPS Proseminar. We will address the following questions:

  1. What are some of the ways you can get help at the Libraries?
  2. What are two logins you may need for accessing library resources?
  3. What is OneSearch?
  4. What are two databases to try for your next research project?
  5. How do you find a journal article when you have a citation in front of you?
  6. What is one way to request materials Hunter does not own?
  7. What is a citation manager and what is the name of one that you can use for free?


OneSearch is the main search box on the library home page. It's a great place to begin, and to cast a wide net, but you will want to move on to other subject-specific databases fairly quickly for your EDPS research.