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EDPS ProSeminar

Created for the ProSeminar class.

Step by step

Often times, while conducting research, one comes across an article that includes a useful bibliography or list of works cited.  This page will help you locate items by working from citations listed in bibliographies or works cited pages.

Let's take the following references from an article on intelligence testing:


 The first step is to determine if our citations are for articles in periodicals or if they are books. 

There are several common elements in each citation:
  • Author
  • Publication date
  • Title of work (book, article name)
Here is how they differ --

Periodical citations also include:
  • Title of publication (journal or periodical name)
  • Volume/Issue numbers
  • Range of page numbers
Book citations also include:
  • Location of publication
  • Publisher name

So with these criteria in mind, let's look at the second to last citation and identify the elements:

  • Author - Thomas, William B.
  • Publication date - 1984
  • Title - Black Intellectuals, Intelligence Testing in the 1930s and the Sociology of Knowledge

What else is included?  It looks like there is another title, along with a bunch of numbers.  This must be a journal article.

  • Title of publication - Teachers College Record
  • Volume/issue numbers - 85
  • Range of page numbers - 477-501

Our first citation is an article by William B. Thompson entitled "Black Intellectuals, Intelligence Testing in the 1930s and the Sociology of Knowledge" which was published in the periodical Teachers College Record in 1984, volume or issue number 85, on pages 477-501.

Journal Search

The next step is to look up the name of the Journal to see if we subscribe to it, and if we do, what years and in which databases we have access.