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Primary Sources: Where to find them

Anthropological Fieldwork Online "...brings the fieldwork underpinning the great ethnographies of the early 20th century into the digital world...correspondence, and subsequent writings...draft manuscripts, lectures and articles. Scholars can trace the full scholarly process in all of its stages, from qualitative data gathering to analysis through publication, while cross-searching contemporaneous research from the most important scholars in the discipline.

...with inclusion of full boxes, full folders and full series. Content is presented in finding aid order...Handwritten materials are indexed at the item level and displayed as image only...original fieldwork of Bronislaw Malinowski, Victor and Edith Turner, Max Gluckman, Raymond Firth, Ruth Benedict, Charles Seligman and Edith Durham. Content is being digitized and will be added on a regular basis. ...the papers of Margaret Mead, Alfred Kroeber, Marvin Harris, Frank Hamilton Cushing, Edmund Leach, Reo Fortune, A.M. Hocart and others.

...will contain 250,000 pages of primary sources...essential such as field and methods, the history of anthropology, cultural studies, social science methodology, history and colonial studies, and indigenous issues."