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Social Welfare History Project

These images of early social workers are from the Virginia Commonwealth University's Social Welfare History Project.

Jane Addams (1860 – 1935)

Social Welfare History Project Addams, Jane

Julia Clifford Lathrop (1858-1932)

Mary Richmond (1861-1928)

Lillian Wald (1867 – 1940)

Dorothy Irene Height (1912-2010)

Jeanette Rankin (1880–1973)

Gisela Konopka (1910 – 2003)

Social Work Month & National Women's History Month 2022 poster of the 2017 Women's March shows raised black fist from which a flame ascends, topped by a white dove, and grasped by brown, tan, and beige hands.

Social Work Month 2022

Prominent Women in Social Work


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