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Creating Value Through Marketing


Consider types of sources and which may be appropriate for your purpose. For example, if you're looking for marketing reports, you should go to a  database that contains this type of information. Trade publications and magazines may reference a company or industry that you can research further, or provide current news on that company or industry.

  • Newspapers
  • Popular magazines
  • Trade publications
  • Scholarly journals
  • Reference
  • Books (including print and ebooks)
  • Reports
  • Raw data
  • Charts

Ways of Searching

There are multiple approaches you can take when searching for sources on the Hunter College Libraries' website

  • OneSearch
    Hunter OneSearch combines in one searchable place these three things: the CUNY library catalog; a massive index of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers; and unique digital content from the library. OneSearch is useful if you are looking for a specific title, whether an article or a book, if you want a combination of books (print and ebooks), articles, and other resources on a topic, or if you are just starting your research and want a general idea of sources on your topic.
  • Databases
    If you want to target your search to a specific discipline or academic field, select the Databases tab, and then subject to see a list of databases specific to that field. You can then enter the database by selecting the title. *If you are off campus, you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password.
  • Journals
    To search for journals using a keyword, ex., marketing,  in order to find all journals with that term in the title. The default is "name begins with." If you want to broaden your journal search, in the dropdown menu on the results page, select ' Name contains all words.' On the results page you will see a list of publications with dates of coverage for the databases that contain the publication. Select a database under the publication title. You will be able to search within publication on next page.