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Dictionaries, Courseware, and Tutorials


  • Duolingo - Free language-learning app with a full course in German.
  • Drops - German vocabulary app (free and paid options available). 
  • FSI Basic German - Full courses in German from the Foreign Service Institute, with audio and workbooks.
  • Loecsen - Narrated slide shows, quizzes, and lessons.
  • Clozemaster - Vocabulary learning app where users fill the blanks in sentences by choosing one of four options. 
  • GermanPod 101 - Series of German-lesson podcasts with supplementary course materials (free and paid options available).

Dictionaries/Pronunciation Guides

  • Beolingus - Millions of entries translating between German and English, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as synonyms, example sentences, quotes, and pronunciations. Maintained by Chemnitz University.
  • Collins Reverso - English-German and German-English dictionary of words and phrases, including idioms and common expressions. 
  • - German-English  and English-German dictionary of words and phrases.
  • Forvo - German pronunciation dictionary that allows users to look up words and phrases to hear how they should be pronounced.
  • Word Reference - Offers English-German, German-English, and German-Spanish translations of words and phrases. 

Additional Resources

  • BBC Guide to German - Collection of words, phrases, facts, and tips.
  • Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten - Daily news from Deutsche Welle spoken both slowly and at normal speed. Includes text
  • TED - Listen to TED Talks in German.
  • Top-Thema - Spoken topical pieces from Deutsche Welle for intermediate students. Includes text.
  • Class Central - MOOCs offered in German on subjects from Computer Science to Literature.