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Public Health

A guide to resources for students in the Hunter College School of Urban Public Health.

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Finding the full text of an article

When you retrieve search results in the library's databases, click on the Find It! button to go to a page that lets you know whether the library owns the article in electronic full text, in print, or whether another library might own the journal. 


Articles that display the "PDF Full Text" link have an electronic version of the article available.  Click on this icon to view or print the article.

Use the Journal Title List to find out whether Hunter owns a specific journal.

Search from home

To search any of the library's databases from off campus, simply log in with the same username and password that you use for your Hunter e-mail account (as per the following instructions).

Recommended Resources for Public Health Research

Public health research may comprise interdisciplinary approaches, necessitating searches in multiple databases. Different databases may have different content and different algorithms for ranking the relevance of results; try searching multiple databases to gain a more complete view of the available literature related to your research objectives.

This page offers links to key literature databases for Public Health Research. The links are collected in boxes for "essential resources," "medical science resources," and "social science resources."  These are loose distinctions intended to provided some initial direction for conducting exploratory research; they are not exclusive classifications of the database contents, there can be significant overlap in coverage between any of the resources listed here.

Essential Resources

Search these for every research problem involving public health.

Medical Science Resources

Social Science Resources