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Editing Wikipedia

This guide is intended to assist students and faculty editing articles in Wikipedia for course assignments.

Basics of editing Wikipedia articles

This guide is intended for students and faculty editing Wikipedia articles as part of a classroom assignment. 

Step 1. Read the Five Pillars of Wikipedia (listed below and linked to Wikipedia page)

Step 2. Create an account in Wikipedia.

Step 3. Once you have a Wikipedia account, you can use the passcode assigned for the course page in the Wiki Education Dashboard tool to join the course. Your instructor will either share the link to the page that includes the passcode, or will share the passcode. You should be logged in with your Wikipedia account and a member of the course in the Wiki Education Dashboard tool when working on your assignment. All Wikipedia work for the class will be monitored in the Dashboard, including assigned training tutorials. Any work done while not logged in will not be counted. 

Instructors: See the page Wikipedia for Instructors in this Guide.

Contact Iris Finkel for assistance with a Wikipedia assignment.

Create a Wikipedia account


Five Pillars of Wikipedia

Before editing an article or creating a new article in Wikipedia, it is important to be aware of the followingSource: