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Citation Management

Getting Started with Mendeley

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Mendeley is a reference manager like the other tools featured on this page with some added features.  As a reference manager it allows you to create citation and bibliographies in using a variety of document creation platforms including Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and LaTeX.  In addition, it provides a variety of other features including the ability to read and annotate pdfs within software, collect and organize pdfs, share your papers notes, and discover new papers, people to collaborate with and groups.

To get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Download Mendeley
  3. Add your PDFs


  • Imports metadata from a catalog, website, or database
  • Allows you to save and organize metadata
  • Allows you to enter metadata into documents and works cited pages
  • Collects and organizes your papers
  • Has a web importer feature
  • Allows you to share papers in a group
  • Recommends most read papers in groups
  • Has Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Plug-ins
  • Available for as an app for iOS and Android


  • Each private group created by a free account can only have a maximum of three members
  • Must have web account in addition to desktop software to work on multiple computers