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Finding Ebooks for Social Work

Contents of this Guide

Contents of this Guide

Using OneSearch to find Ebooks

In OneSearch, the search box on the Library homepage, run a search. Then use the checkboxes for books and for full text online to limit your results to ebooks.  This will search many, but not all, of the Library's subscription ebooks.  

You will often retrieve some results in addition to ebooks in OneSearch.  For example, OneSearch pulls up some government documents when you limit to full text online and books.  One way to identify that you have retrieved a government document instead of an ebook is that when you open the full text, the web address will have .gov in it.  Additionally, the title of the result may allow you to tell that the item is a report from Congress or other government body, rather than an ebook.  (However, you may find the government documents helpful.)

Screen shot of an example search:

screen shot of OneSearch results with checkbox for books and checkbox for full text online checked