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MEDPL 296 Fall 2019

Recommended Databases

Academic Onefile: Broad databases; has hundreds of leading magazines and high profile peer-reviewed sources.

Academic Search Complete*: Multidisciplinary source offering both magazines and peer reviewed journals; strongly recommended.

Ethnic Newswatch: Has magazines and peer-reviewed articles from sources that focus on race and ethnicity    

Nexis-Uni (Lexis-Nexis)*: Comprehensive source for newspapers and broadcast transcripts in several major language

Onesearch: For books and articles; comprehensive

US Major Dailies*: Has full text of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times 

*More highly recommended

Search Tips

and narrows: stimulus and response: retrieves only those records in which both terms occur.

or broadens: language or speech: retrieves articles containing either term

not: bears not football: excludes sources containing the second term; use with extreme caution

* truncates: evol* retrieves evolutionevolutionary. etc.; ! in Nexis Uni

Further search tips in Nexis Uni:

Proximity: money w/7 launder! Searches money within seven words of launder(or laundered or laundering).

Segment searching: Byline(haberman) and kavanaugh

Other segments: company, headline, hlead, length, publication, publication-type, section, term, ticker, title