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MEDPL 201 and 202

Film and Media

Statistics and Data

Good newspapers and magazines will often cite statistics and indicate their source, which you can then directly consult. To find articles with statistics, I recommend including the following keyword string in your search: statistics or data or number o
cosmetics and (minorities or African American or black or latin* or hispanic) AND (statistics or data or number or market*)

For the more intrepid, the sources below provide potentially useful statistics and data sets.

Bureau of Justice Statistics. Provides federal statistics about crime. Has links to FBI Uniform Crime Reports and Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.

NYCdata. Wide-ranging statistical and factual information about New York City from Baruch's Weissman Center for International Business

Statista. Highly recommended sources for statistics on an incredibly broad range of topics, both US and worldwide. Great graphics too

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Proquest). Federal collection of data on social and economic conditions in the U.S., current year and historical.