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Afro-Latinos in the US

Primary Sources


You will need primary sources for your paper. Primary sources are original documents related to the event or topic. Examples:

  • Diaries, letters, manuscripts, journals
  • Interviews
  • Maps
  • Government documents/reports

To search for primary sources in the library catalog:

  • Use Advanced Search:
  • Search: diaries, speeches, interviews, maps AND your topic. 

Example: diaries, speeches, interviews, maps AND latino AND music

Find Books and other materials


The Catalog is a database of the materials (books, e-books, DVDs, journal titles, etc.) that are held at each library in the CUNY system.


 If you need a book that Hunter does not own, search the catalog for other CUNY schools that may have the title you need.

You can borrow books from other CUNY schools through CLICS: CUNY Libraries InterCampus Service. Click this link to learn how to borrow materials using CLICS. Books at Centro are listed in the library catalog.


Keyword(s): Search in: 



Newspapers are an excellent primary source. You can find first hand accounts of events that took place in the past.