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Course Reserves - Student Information

Reserve Information - Students

Reserve Instructions - Students


Accessing Eres

Print Course Reserves

Overdue Reserve Materials

Reserves Desk Hours


 Accessing Eres


Reserve materials can be accessed electronically, on or off campus:


Go directly go to


  1. From the pull-down menus, select Instructor.  Find instructor’s last name on the list below.
  2. Click on instructor's name.
  3. Select your course number.
  4. If a copyright agreement box appears, type your course specific password* with no spaces and caps.
  5. Then click Go.
  6. Select appropriate folder.
  7. Select title of work needed.
  8. When books and other materials are not available electronically, a link on the E-Reserves page will lead users to the Library’s online catalog screen. There they will be able to obtain the Title of the item, and check its status, if it is available in print at the library. Write down the Title, and then request the material at the Circulation/ Reserve Desk located on Floor 3 in the main Campus Library or at the Circulation desks at the branch libraries


*Please note: You will need a faculty password to gain access to course materials. (If required)


What technology is required for access?

  • A connection to the Internet, via the campus LAN or an ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • A current web browser (IE 7.0 or later).
  • A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your system, with the proper plug-in enabled for your web browser.
  • For remote access, you must have an active Hunter email account. If you are unable to access your account contact the ICIT helpdesk at:
    Students: 212-650-3624 or e-mail or go to Thomas Hunter, room 405.
    Faculty/Staff: 212-772-4357 or email  

If you are having difficulty with the system, you can contact the following Library staff:


Hunter Main:

Jeanne Yan


Health Professions:

Donna Braithwaite


Social Work:

Arlene Shapiro


Zabar Art Library              Steve Kowalik                     212-772-5054



Questions or concerns may also be directed to:
David Donabedian, Head of Access Services
Phone: 212-772-4176.



Print Course Reserves


Finding and Borrowing Course Reserve Materials

To borrow Course Reserve or other items from the Circulation/Reserve Desk, users must have a CUNY ID with a current validation sticker or stamp. Users must also know the Title of the item they wish to borrow. Reserve items are check out for 2 hours of in-library only use and may be renewed if the demand for them is not great.  


Finding and Borrowing Other Reserve Materials at Cooperman Library

Non course reserve items, or reserve items that are property of the library rather than of an instructor, may be searched through CUNY+ in the Hunter database. These include library books, videos and CDs. This material may be searched by title, author or keyword.


 Also available at the Reserve Desk

VHS cassettes, DVDs, and music CDs are kept at the A/V Reserve Desk on the second floor of the library.  Videos and music CDs which are not reserved for a class may be borrowed for 7 days. Teacher evaluations, the last several years of Hunter College catalogs, and scientific calculators, are also kept at the A/V Reserves Desk.


Video, audio and CD players are available for personal use on the 2nd floor of the Wexler Library. Headphones are required for viewing and listening to audio-visual materials in the Library. Headphones can be borrowed at the A/V Reserve Desk.


Equipment to assist students with disabilities is available and can be requested at the A/V Reserve Desk. Study rooms for students with disabilities are located on the 2nd floor of the Main Campus Library and can be reserved at the Reserve Desk.


The Health Professions Library at the Brookdale Campus has two computers designated for students with disabilities. One computer is located on the mezzanine level of the library, and the second computer is located in the library’s computer lab. At the Schools of Social Work and Public Health Library, there is one computer reserved for students with disabilities, you may ask at the Circulation Desk of the library for the location of this computer.


Reservations for group and individual study rooms are located on various floors of Wexler Library are be made at the Reserve Desk and at the Circulation Desk of the Schools of Social Work and Public Health Library.  There are no group or individual study rooms at the Health Professions Library.

Overdue Reserve Materials

The fine for overdue reserves materials is $5.00 per hour. Bills for overdue fines may be obtained at the Circulation Desks at each library or the Reserve Desk of Cooperman Library.  Fines can be paid by check, money order, and Hunter OneCard, at the Circulation Desk at any of the Hunter College libraries or in cash at the College’s Bursar Office. Reserve delinquencies may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges. A library stop will be placed on a student's record with the Registrar once a bill is generated for unreturned reserve materials. The library block will remain in place until the material(s) is returned, the overdue fine is settled or the replacement charges (for lost items) are paid.


Reserves Desk Hours

The Reserve Desk closes 15 minutes before the Library. All reserve material must be returned before the Reserve Desk closes.




The tabs at the top of the page will provide you with additional information about using ERes effectively and efficiently.

If you need additional help, you can contact:

Hunter Main: Jeanne Yan, 212-772-4160 or

Health Profession: Donna Braithwaite, 212-481-5117 or

Social Work/Public Health: Arlene Shapiro, 212-396-7655 or

Zabar Art Library: Steve Kowalik, 212-772-5054 or