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Germany - History

Professor Benjamin Hett This seminar deals with the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis. Focusing on the major aspects of the History of the Third Reich.


  • Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory
    Note the listing of Libraries, Archives, Jewish Studies at Universities, and Research Institutes by Country, as well as Internet links
  • European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS)
    Note the EAJS Virtual Library
    Bibliography of websites under EAJS Library LINKS
    News and Publications: Current Issues and historical summaries 
  • US Association for Jewish Studies
    Note the link to US Jewish Studies Programs and Publications with a table of contents and citations to English languages book reviews. Duke holds AJS 1976 - 2002 in JSTOR, and current issues in the Divinity Library.            
    Note that AJS Perspectives is available full text on the website, and includes summary of recent developments in German Jewish Studies.

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