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SPAN 37157, Atlantic Texts: The Literature of Cuba and the Canary Islands (Spring 2022)

What To Search For

As you prepare your literary analysis of Francisco Loisel's 18th-century poem Bloqueo y sitio de Atarés, the following types of sources could be helpful:

  • Analysis of other 18th-century Cuban poems, particularly epic poems
  • Information on earlier epic poems from Cuba, like Silvestre de Balboa's Espejo de paciencia (1608)

Below are some keywords that might help you in your search. Try some of these phrases alone or in combination, or brainstorm your own keywords. Enter your keywords in English to find English-language sources, and enter your keywords in Spanish to find Spanish-language sources.

  • poesía cubana XVIII / Cuban poetry XVIII
  • poesía épica cubana / Cuban epic poetry
  • literatura cubana colonial / colonial Cuban literature
  • poesía narrativa cubana / Cuban narrative poetry
  • "poemas narrativos" cuba / "narrative poems" Cuba
  • "Espejo de paciencia"

Where To Search

To search broadly:

To search for open access articles and books in Spanish:

To search for scholarly books & e-books:

Check the Relevant Databases page for a list of open access repositories and lists of databases available through the Hunter College Libraries and the New York Public Library.

Some Useful Sources

Critical edition of the early 17th-century Cuban epic poem Espejo de paciencia, with commentary and background information:

Cruz-Taura, Graciella. Espejo de Paciencia y Silvestre de Balboa en la Historia de Cuba: Estudio, Edición Crítica y Selección Documental, Iberoamericana Editorial Vervuert, 2009. ProQuest Ebook Central

Analysis of the 18th-century poem Dolorosa métrica expresión del sitio y entrega de La Habana: 

Carabias Orgaz, Miguel. “‘Dolorosa métrica y expresión del sitio y entrega de La Habana’: edición crítica del texto.” Nueva Revista de Filología Hispánica, vol. 64, no. 1, 2016, pp. 91–116,