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Engl 120, Mayfield, Fall 2022


Primary Recommendations:

Academic Search Complete: All discipline database; includes both popular and peer reviewed sources.

Onesearch: Default search from the library homepage; comprehensive; searches both articles and books.

U.S. Major Dailies: Provides at least two decades worth of access to the full text of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Other useful database:

Academic Onefile: Like Academic Search Complete, this databases covers all disciplines and fields with both popular and peer reviewed sources.


Searching tips:

and: narrows your results. Example: global warming and obama; articles have to contain both expressions

or: broadens your results. Example: global warming or climate change; articles have to contain at least one of the expressions; use with synonyms or related terms.

*: warm* will retrieve warm, warms, etc. 

For useful advice on finding sources see How do I find sources?

Off campus access to these databases: You can get the list of Hunter databases from and then choose the database tab. Off campus you’ll be prompted for your Hunter Net ID. Click here for more information about your Net ID.