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AFPRL 21000 Introduction to Caribbean History 1900 to the Present

Caribbean History 1900 to Present

Primary Source Databases & Archives

Primary Source Databases & Archives

  • Black British History
    This resource is designed to support the discovery of documents relating to black British history within The National Archives’ collections.
  • Caribbean Histories Revealed
    The history of the British Caribbean is explored in this online exhibition through government documents, photographs and maps dating from the 17th century to the 1920s and discovered during a cataloguing project at The National Archives of the United Kingdom.
  • Caribbean Literature Fiction and poetry from the Caribbean region of the 19th and 20th centuries in the original language.

  •   Caribbean Through a Lens – Explored!

The UK National Archives has been working with community groups to share and explore our collection of Caribbean images. The National Archives’ collection of Caribbean images are drawn from the Ministry of Information (INF 10) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (CO 1069) and span over 100 years of history.

Primary source documents relating to these areas, plus academic journal and news articles, references, maps, statistics, audio and video.

  • Picture Dis
    The National Library of Jamaica offers the most extensive collections of Jamaican and West Indian reference materials including photographic, print and digitized images. This digital collection has been established in keeping with the aims and objectives of the National Library of Jamaica, “…to collect, preserve, document and facilitate access to the nation’s cultural heritage…”
  • UK Parliament

For the full list of Hunter College's Africana Studies Databases click here.

For the full list of Hunter College Databases click here.