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Library Bulletin Board

This guide serves as a noticeboard to provide updates on the Library.

Bulletin Board

The aim of this guide is to serve as a notice board about updates in the Library. This is to be viewed in conjunction with information posted on the Hunter Libraries website, however, the thought is that a page such as this may be updated quicker than the website.  It's best to check both sites for information.  Questions, comments and update suggestions may be sent to Sarah Johnson.

In addition to using this guide to look for updates, you are encouraged to add any new information that will support others in the library. Contact Sarah Johnson for editing privileges. Sarah J. or Iris can provide a basic primer on editing LibGuides.


Tips for Editing 'Library Bulletin Board'

In addition to using this guide to look up information, library personnel are welcome to add information that may be relevant to us and to our patrons. Here are some tips on adding and editing information.

Follow to tabs on the left to determine which page the information you would like to add should be placed. If the category is not covered here, contact Sarah J. or Iris to add a new page.

Adding content in an existing box
Click  the icon at the bottom right and then select edit.
Add new information at the top starting with the current date and time. Do not remove previous messages.
When you are finished, select Save & Close at the bottom left.

The font should remain as is unless emphasis is needed. In that case, either make the font bold, italic, or a different color.