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Sexuality and Gender: Description & Internships

Field of Practice Specializations Handbook

Description from FOP Handbook (Excerpt)

"The Sexuality and Gender (S&G) FOP is designed for students interested in working from a strengths-based, sex positive and gender-affirming perspective. Students are also encouraged to embrace rather than avoid issues of sexuality and gender (i.e., restrictive masculinity, gender-based oppression) within their practices, incorporating the sexual dimension into biopsychosocial and community assessments. Students who elect a S&G FOP develop a plan of study which includes a field practicum in a placement related to sexuality and/or gender, an S&G approved elective (see list provided as available) and a paper on a related topic as the focus of either professional seminar or research."

Internship (from FOP Handbook)

"Students complete their field practicum in approved field settings that have an emphasis on issues related to sexuality and gender (broadly defined). Environments may include schools with specific sexuality and/or gender assignments; community-based centers that specialize in working with LGBTQ clients; reproductive justice organizations; interpersonal violence related agencies; clinics working with people who have committed sexual violence; agencies engaged with people in sex trades; and, health or mental health care settings that specialize in a related area."