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SPAN 341, Prof. Costa, Fall 2021: General Search Tools

Searching Broadly

Any research project can benefit from the use of a variety of databases and search tools, both general and specialized. OneSearch and Google Scholar are the two most comprehensive search tools available to Hunter students. You can use both of these in addition to the specialized literary criticism and humanities databases listed in this guide.




OneSearch allows you to search for print books at Hunter and at all CUNY libraries as well as an enormous number of popular and scholarly sources like journal, reference, and news articles, e-books, images, and audio and video content. Use the filters on the right side of the screen to narrow your search. Electronic resources are accessed by clicking on "Full text available."

Google Scholar



Google Scholar searches a truly vast collection of scholarly publications of all types. While OneSearch searches publications that Hunter and CUNY own or subscribe to, Google Scholar is not limited that way. It approaches a comprehensive listing of nearly all existing publications, regardless of what Hunter or CUNY libraries have access to.

Links to items that are accessible through Hunter College/CUNY Libraries' subscriptions are listed in the right-hand column of your Google Scholar search results (marked "Fulltext at Hunter") when either (1) you access Google Scholar while on a Hunter campus network or (2) you add "Hunter College Library" to the Library Links option in Google Scholar's settings. Click here for instructions on how to do this.